Tafi Announces Revolutionary Text-to-3D Character Engine

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Salt Lake City, UT – Tafi, a leading provider of 3D digital content and software and owner of Daz 3D, is proud to announce its latest development: a groundbreaking text to 3D character engine. This innovative technology will revolutionize the way in which artists, developers, and other creative professionals of all skill levels bring their ideas to life, making it easier and faster than ever before to produce high-quality 3D characters, based exclusively on text input.

According to James Thornton, CEO of Tafi, We’re thrilled to introduce this generative character engine. Our mission has always been to simplify the hardest parts of 3D creation so the end-result is more accessible and rewarding for creators - it’s hard to imagine it getting easier than this. As a bonus it’s been invigorating to see how many viable use cases this has, not only for individual creators, but also for studios and our enterprise partners.

Tafi is using a massive 3D dataset derived from its proprietary Genesis character platform, widely supported by professional artists, to generate tens of billions of 3D character variations, each comprised of hundreds or even thousands of unique, known values. This meticulously labeled and organized dataset is ideal for efficiently training its foundation model.

Tafi currently allows users to output high-quality characters from Daz Studio into popular game engines and 3D software applications in native formats, including Unreal, Unity, Blender, Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Maya and Maxon Cinema 4D, and its next update will include NVIDIA’s Omniverse via support for Universal Scene Description (OpenUSD)OpenUSD. At launch, Tafi’s Text-to-3D character engine will export 3D characters in native file formats to these destinations, providing unprecedented value to its users.

“With generative AI, creators have an expanding array of new tools; to inspire their artistic vision, speed up their workflows, and offer new business opportunities,” said Richard Kerris, vice president of the Omniverse developer ecosystem and head of developer relations at NVIDIA. “Tafi has been bringing the latest technologies to the creative community on the NVIDIA platform for more than a decade, and we’re excited to work with them as they connecting their 3D character engine to NVIDIA Omniverse.”

For more than two decades, Tafi has championed its published artist community and it has distributed more than $200 million to its artists in a revenue sharing model. In keeping with this history, it has devised a methodology by which it can record attribution, and thereby monetization, for artists who opt-in to be included in the engine. Melbourne-based 3D expert, Mada De Leeuw, who publishes with Daz 3D, said, “A lot of creators are understandably wary of how AI will impact them. Tafi’s approach protects artists, and I join many others in the community supporting the solution they are building.”

The company welcomes and is actively evaluating beta program candidates and enterprise use cases for its foundation model. Register Now!

About Tafi: Tafi is a leading provider of 3D content and software, and through its Daz 3D creator platform, it has served millions of professional and recreational artists worldwide for more than two decades. Using its own generative creation tools, Tafi has produced several web3 projects, including collaborations with Fortune 500 brands across film & entertainment, consumer, beauty, fashion and apparel, and other sectors. Its investors include Benchmark Capital, Columbia Capital and Ponte Partners.

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