Tafi is a leading tech company from the United States that specializes in creating personalized digital avatars. Earlier this year, Tafi successfully opened its Vancouver, British Columbia (B.C.) office, with plans to double its staff in Canada by the end of 2022. The B.C. office will focus on content production for both of Tafi’s primary brands, Tafi and Daz 3D. Daz 3D focuses on hyper-realistic 3D assets that let users mix and match to create high-quality 3D artwork.

According to Tafi, Vancouver is an ideal expansion location as it is a world-class tech hub filled with a plethora of video game, tech, and visual effects companies. The incredibly diverse talent pool fits with Tafi’s vision and values as it continues to seek growth in the industry. Ty Duperron, Tafi’s Chief Operating Officer, has been working in B.C.’s 3D and gaming industry since 2007.

The Trade and Invest BC team in the United States provided support to Tafi by offering employee immigration and visa information, along with connecting Tafi with local industry associations and support networks. Trade and investment representatives also connected Tafi with local companies for collaboration opportunities. Tafi states that Trade and Invest BC “has been a fantastic resource.” 

Tafi creates digital goods and avatars across platforms ranging from NFTs to mobile, social media, video communications, and the gaming industry. It is a wonderful addition to the numerous promising tech companies in B.C. Trade and Invest BC will continue to assist Tafi with connections to local companies and recruiters for talent growth.