SALT LAKE CITY, Jan. 09, 2024 – Tafi, a leading provider of 3D content and software, announced it is partnering with Yellow, a team of top AI scientists creating 3D generative AI tools for gaming. This collaboration aims to provide game developers, 3D artists, and enterprises with a first-of-its-kind 3D character and content creation system through Generative AI. 


Generative AI models are machine learning models that can create new content based on being trained on large amounts of data. As such, the size and quality of the dataset are key factors in determining the effectiveness of the Generative AI model. Tafi, through its ownership of Daz 3D, owns and licenses a library of millions of “smart content” 3D assets consisting of fully-rigged 3D models, characters, environments and accessories that can be combined and customized utilizing its proprietary Daz 3D Genesis character engine. 


Yellow is an up and coming Palo Alto-based startup backed by industry leaders as well as the founders and CEOs of some of the most iconic game studios. It will leverage Tafi’s large library of 3D assets, as well as other 3D assets, to train Generative AI models that produce high quality production-ready 3D characters and content. This will also allow game studios and IP owners to efficiently generate additional 3D customizations utilizing their own catalog of IP in a safe, secure, and reliable manner.


“We’re excited to partner with Yellow to level up AI content generation by making new 3D asset outputs ‘useable’ and ‘game-ready” – enabling artists, developers, and creators to let their creativity shine,” said Preston Woo, Chief Strategy Officer at Tafi. “We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Yellow, given their unique combination of AI research leadership as well as their deep roots in gaming.”


“At Yellow, we are combining the most advanced AI research and technology into creativity tools that operate in service of human imagination” said Mandeep Waraich, Founder and CEO of Yellow “we’re excited to bring our first set of AI capabilities that are purpose-built for 3D games to Tafi, who bring deep expertise in 3D character generation systems, a large library of high-quality 3D data, and existing distribution into gaming, media, and entertainment as well as the broader developer ecosystems”


Tafi and Yellow Technologies intend to jointly go-to-market with their initial product offerings and services in 2024. 


About Tafi


Tafi is a leading provider of 3D content and software, and through its Daz 3D creator platform, has served millions of professional and recreational artists worldwide for more than two decades. Using its own generative creation tools, Tafi has collaborated with Fortune 500 brands across film & entertainment, consumer, beauty, fashion and apparel, and other sectors. Its investors include Benchmark Capital, Columbia Capital and Ponte Partners.


Through its Daz 3D platform, Tafi provides a 3D marketplace and free software suite with content that can be exported into other major 3D software programs. With over 5 million inter-compatible 3D assets for Daz Studio and other 3D applications, Tafi operates a leading digital marketplace, paying over $200 million to its global network of contributing artists. Learn more at: and


About Yellow Technologies


Yellow, with its mission to amplify and extend human creativity, is a newly established company founded by Mandeep Waracih that is creating 3D AI tools for creatives and game-makers to realize far-reaching visions faster and increase the number of experiences that can be created and shared. With a team of the world’s leading computer vision and 3D research experts, Yellow is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in generative AI tools for the gaming, media, and entertainment industries. Learn more soon at:

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