The partnership between and Tafi brings realistic 3D human character models to the forefront of AI training, enabling industries from healthcare to logistics to benefit from industry-standard content in a collaborative, enterprise platform for data generation., a leading provider of platform capability for synthetic data generation, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Tafi, a leading provider of 3D digital content and software and owner of Daz 3D. This collaboration aims to integrate Tafi's popular and highly developed 3D character models, derived from its proprietary Daz 3D Genesis character engine, into the synthetic data platform, offering a powerful resource for advancing AI training for computer vision use cases ranging from security and safety monitoring to healthcare.


Synthetic, or simulated, sensor imagery data plays a pivotal role in training artificial intelligence models for machine and computer-based vision applications by augmenting or, in some cases substituting for, real dataset collection. By generating data that mimics real-world sensors and scenarios, synthetic data enhances model performance and generalization, while also having the ability to address privacy concerns associated with using real data. The partnership brings the potential for customers to benefit from access to Tafi's creator marketplace and ecosystem to help create synthetic data, providing access to a diverse range of high-fidelity human characters, each powered by Tafi's unique tools for modeling human anatomy and posing.


"The integration of Tafi's proprietary Genesis character models into the platform marks a significant milestone for computer vision AI training," stated Nathan Kundtz, Ph.D., CEO at


"The integration of Tafi's proprietary Genesis character models into the platform marks a significant milestone for computer vision AI training," stated Nathan Kundtz, Ph.D., CEO at "These highly configurable 3D models open up exciting possibilities for applications in computer vision, offering developers and researchers access to a rich dataset that accurately represents the complexities of the human form available within a collaborative experience accessible to large data science teams."'s synthetic data platform, equipped with Tafi's human character models, will be a valuable asset for a range of industries. Training AI models for medical image analysis and patient monitoring can benefit from realistic human anatomical data. Enhancing visual recognition algorithms for shopping behavior, factory safety, and customer behavior can benefit from simulating a wide range of human behavior. Improving computer vision systems for pedestrian detection, driver monitoring, and human-centric safety features in autonomous vehicles uses 3D characters for simulating unsafe conditions. Many more use cases exist for application of 3D character models to computer vision data needs.


Tafi's extensive library of human character models, derived from its proprietary Genesis character engine, combined with Rendered. ai's collaborative synthetic data generation platform, empowers data scientists and developers to push the boundaries of AI applications that rely on realistic human interactions. As NVIDIA partners, both companies are excited to be able to show off the capability that is possible within the ecosystem of technology providers that are evolving around the AI giants.


"We're excited to collaborate with in reshaping the landscape of AI training data," said Preston Woo, CSO and CFO at Tafi. "Our meticulously crafted 3D human models have been the gold standard in the creative industry for years, and now, through this partnership, they will find new purpose in the realm of artificial intelligence."


The integration of Tafi's human character models into the platform is available now, upon request. For further information, visit's site here.


Gif of 3D face model by Tafi