Glossy writer Zofia Zwieglinska took at look at the exclusive NFTs created in partnership with Tafi, Louis Moinet and Exclusible.

From the article:

Luxury watch brand Louis Moinet has partnered with Exclusible, a premium NFT marketplace, and Tafi, a leading designer of avatars and digital wearables including NFTs, to come out with an original NFT collection inspired by the Louis Moinet Space Revolution Watch. “The industry has been disrupted in the past few years with new ways of keeping time, through connected or digital watches offering a new kind of functionality,” said ​​Jean-Marie Schaller, CEO of Ateliers Louis Moinet. “NFTs and their unique nature offer a different way to express Louis Moinet’s creative roots, using a new technological frontier.”

Inspired by the brand’s Louis Moinet Space Revolution Watch (retailing for $380,000) — which was only released in eight models, took three years to design and features a piece of meteorite — the NFTs will be limited to a run of 1,000 and feature a one-of-a-kind experiential utility. It’s set to launch in early 2022. As the NFT timepieces will come with an avatar, they will be unique to the collector looking to expand their digital footprint and be able to wear their watch on gaming platforms like The Sandbox.

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