One year on from its first venture into the metaverse, Coca-Cola is gifting exclusive digital collectibles to owners of Coca-Cola collectibles in celebration of International Friendship Day (July 30).

This friendship day, Coca-Cola will be giving away special International Friendship Day digital collectibles to the friends they’ve made along the way on the open blockchain, including collectors of the Coca-Cola International Pride Day 2022 drop, Coca-Cola Hamburger Day 2022 drop and the original Coca-Cola Friendship Day Loot Box.

Owners of these past collectibles will be airdropped a new International Friendship Day collectible, which features a design inspired by the bubbles within every Coke bottle. And in the spirit of friendship, each limited International Friendship Day digital collectible is sharable with a friend. Once it is shared, the unique artwork will be revealed for both holders.

The latest drop comes as Coca-Cola signals its intent to continue building its community in the metaverse through limited-edition digital collectible drops celebrating different moments throughout the year.

Since entering the metaverse in July 2021, Coca-Cola has created over 4,000 digital collectibles for its community including a 'loot box’ for the 2021 International Friendship Day, launched at a virtual rooftop party in Decentraland.

In the spirit of friendship and as a first from the brand, Coca-Cola will also be inviting owners of their open blockchain Coca-Cola collectibles to engage in tailored Real Magic experiences, including early access to Coca-Cola Creations and Coke Studio, as examples.

The International Friendship Day collectibles have been created with the themes of friendship and unity, reimagining core elements of the Coca-Cola brand for a virtual world. The latest drop from Coca-Cola encourages moments of connection and inspires friends of friends to enter Coca-Cola’s Real Magic community.

“Bringing people together in shared moments has always been at the heart of Coca-Cola,” said Pratik Thakar, Head of Global Creative Strategy, Coca-Cola. “Entering the metaverse a year ago was our first step to connecting with people in a completely new and inspired way. International Friendship Day solidifies our commitment to the exciting and ever-changing digital world to build our community, whilst providing the perfect opportunity and milestone to thank and celebrate our friendship with people that have been part of our metaverse journey. We’re excited to expand our community and share moments of joy in Coca-Cola’s Real Magic universe.”

The International Friendship Day collectibles were created in partnership with developer Tafi, the leading creator of custom 3D content for avatar and emoji systems, and Virtue, the agency by Vice, who developed the initial concept. 

The International Friendship Day 2022 collectible will be airdropped to the digital wallets of existing owners of Coca-Cola collectibles on Saturday, July 30th.

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