With all this talk about the metaverse floating around, more and more developers are thinking about how they can provide interactive experiences to users. You’ve probably heard the spiel before: a not-so-distant future where medical professionals can practice operations in realistic simulations, or places where friends from around the world can sit together and chat, all in virtual reality.

All of these ideas and more are within our reach. That’s why we set out five years ago to create the best avatar creation SDK on the market. How clairvoyant of us, right? Astra’s been in private beta for two years, and now, we’re releasing it to the world!

One Astra-nomical Avatar Creator 

Astra takes away all the headache and techno-mumbo-jumbo in developing avatar systems, and offers you a simple, implementable solution. Whether you’re developing a video game for console or a virtual reality experience for the metaverse, Astra will save developers time and money. Not only that, we’re confident your users will value their experience so much more when they can customize their own look!

We’ve worked tirelessly to ensure that the Astra SDK remains the most advanced avatar creation SDK on the market, providing a huge range of shapes and sizes of avatars you won’t find in other products. With Astra, users can adjust the size of their avatar and all of their wearables will automatically refit perfectly with zero poke-through!

Key Features You’ll Get With Astra

  • A pre-built content library — users will have access to 1,000s of assets to build their perfect avatar

  • Assets include clothes, hair, decals, morphables, and more

  • The ability for creators to add their own 3D assets

  • 3D assets fit any shape or size of avatar automatically with no poke-through

  • A streamable asset system. No need to ship assets with developers’ builds

  • Solutions are performed quickly, client-side, allowing content to be distributed without precomputation

  • A rich API for customizing avatars and querying assets

  • Support for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android

  • Have your own assets? No problem. Custom assets are fully integrable. 

A Simple Pricing Structure

We want everyone to have access to this amazing development kit. To make that happen, we’re proud to announce we’ll be offering a simple, affordable pricing structure which will include:

  • A totally free-to-use base version

  • A premium paid version

  • An enterprise structure for large organizations

Stay tuned for more information on the way!

Your Ticket to Avatar Creation in the Metaverse and Beyond

For everyone considering an avatar creation kit, our CPO, Ty Duperron, who’s been creating avatars and the systems that make them customizable for years, wants you to remember this:

“Astra fills what I’ve found to be a gaping hole in the avatar creation market. The SDK’s versatility, ease of integration and use, and diverse high-quality assets allow users to truly represent themselves in virtual spaces exactly how they want to be represented. Tafi is working to build a metaverse that is inclusive and as diverse as our users, and we’ve heard loud and clear that people spending time in these spaces value choice in their digital personas. Astra gives developers the ability to provide almost an endless number of choices to those users in their projects.”

We can’t wait to see what Astra-nomical heights our users reach with Astra SDK! Sign up today to receive your one-way ticket to avatar creation with Astra SDK!