In early June, we announced the upcoming release of our AI tool - a text-to-3D character engine that makes it easier for users to create fully-rigable, high quality, 3D art renders in a matter of minutes. Our decades of experience in 3D modeling, coupled with our more recent generative Web 3 collections, set us up for success in our venture into AI and set us apart in this large and ever-expanding landscape. Here’s why:


For the past 20 years, Tafi and Daz has worked closely together with our Published Artist community to create an extensive library of 3D models. Through the work of our amazing artists, this library numbers into the millions today and consists of high-quality, interoperable, and stylistically compatible assets. It serves as a direct lifeline to the incredible artists who create high-quality content for us and makes up the first half of our equation for success.


The second half of the equation is the work we've done in the past several years in the flourishing world of Web3. We have never been the type to shy away from new technologies, and this was no exception. In the last few years, we’ve created incredible generative collections, worked with beloved IP as they made their first splashes in Web3, and left our impact on the blockchain forever. Over the years, we've also developed generative creation tools, workflows, and expertise throughout our organization. We use our artistic roots to make sure we take what we know is useful for artists and bring it with us as we create new innovations. 


3D Art

We have a massive labeled dataset, unlike anything else, and the knowledge of how to create and monetize highly complex 3D creative work. This, backed by the creative powerhouse that is our community of Published Artists, leaves Tafi and Daz in a fortunate position as we push the boundaries of what is possible with AI and 3D software. Our AI platform builds upon these strengths, allowing us to generate billions (or possibly hundreds of billions) of body shapes, along with a vast library of compatible content. Our NLP and ML elements are also critical components that further enhance the capabilities of our platform. And we’re only getting started.


We are excited about the possibilities our upcoming AI tool presents for our customers and the artists community at large. With our decades of experience and our head start, we're confident that we're well-positioned for success in this new venture. We're committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in 3D and AI, while also remaining true to our values of collaboration, inclusivity, and ethical practices. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate in this flourishing technological landscape, and be sure to sign up for our beta here.